The Partner to Die For

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Yesterday, I took a walk with my wife. I really didn’t want to but after cajoling me a little, I decided to oblige her. We were yet to walk a distance before she started to complain of tiredness. “Why did you ask for a walk when you knew you would be tired even before we started?” that was my thought but as a High-Value Partner that I am, I said a different thing which encouraged her to walk a little more.

As we continued walking, we got talking about our single days and she made some statements that made me go quiet. I love compliments but I usually don’t respond adequately to them, especially, when done physically.

She was complimenting me and said “I remember when we were just friends. You were so adorable. There was a way you cared and loved me like I have never seen before. You were so nice in such a way that I couldn’t take you for granted. You didn’t do all you did because you wanted something. You offered true friendship and I had no choice but to fall in love with you. How could I have refused you?”

Even though, I didn’t show too much excitement when she told me, I was really excited about it. I was really happy because I had lived what I am now preaching. Now, I am consciously shaping people to become amazing spouses and partners to-die-for through The High-Value Partner’s Club but it was not a lifestyle I had not imbibed myself.

Before I met my wife, I had broken the heart of three women; even though we separated amicably, I didn’t really know how to love them till the end of time. Most people know how to meet someone today and fall in love tomorrow but sadly, most people don’t know how to keep that love going till it gets to the altar and how to sustain it after getting to the altar.

One of the things that will happen to you when you become a High-Value Partner is that selfishness will be killed within you. This is one of the reasons why many are unhappy in their relationships today; the spouse that wants more money when the other does not have the capacity; the partner that doesn’t call or express his love enough but expect the other to do what he is not doing.

One of the core things at the center of most issues is the need for partners to become more selfless.

A member of The High-Value Partner’s Club who is also a part of my Two months coaching program had this conversation with me:


Her: Going through the notes on Habit 5 made me realize that I haven’t been tolerant at all. I just thought of all the instances of all our disagreements and I see myself as not being tolerant.

Me: Why were you not tolerant in those situations?

Her: I just choose not to cause I felt he should know better

Me: Okay. Shouldn’t you know better too?

Her: Yes, I should.

Me: We will have better relationships if we put ourselves in the other person’s shoes before we make decisions and before we act.

Her: Very True.


We are always looking for the fault in our partners when we also have faults. It is wrong for you to demand a higher standard from someone else when you have not demanded same of yourself. You want an amazing partner but are you amazing yourself? You want a rich partner but are you rich yourself? You want a partner who will love the living daylight out of you but have you demonstrated the living daylight type of love on other people?

When you kill selfishness, and the thought of always getting something back for every good act you show, you are well on your way to becoming the ideal partner which I also like to call the partner to die for. This is who a High-Value Partner should be and that is what you should be also.

Your relationship can succeed. You can experience happiness with your partner and your relationship can get to the altar; that is my job actually. I have seen it happen and it can happen for you too but sometimes it will never happen without the right guidance and that is why we have created The High-Value Partner’s Club just for you.

Will you be joining us?


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