Why your relationship is in such a mess

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Sadly, most young couples will stop trying to be happy in their marriage after three years.

Many newly married will struggle to find the love and happiness they had fantasized about before marriage.

In a few years from now, the same excited couple will be the one to tell you, ‘calm down, you don’t need to rush into marriage’ – that can be evidence of failed expectations.

As a young chap, I wasn’t privileged to observe the relationship between my dad and mom because they were separated before I could say, Daddy.

However, I observed my friends families. I noticed the parents were together and have been together for long but deep unhappiness was lying beneath their eyes.

Many of our parents engaged what I call Coping Mechanisms. They resort to fate and stopped hoping for a chance of true happiness in their marriage. Marriage became a chore and an obligation.

Our generation is impatient and this is what will happen:

  1. One or both spouse will go out to cheat
  2. One or both spouse will quit the relationship
  3. One or both spouse will resolve to COPING

Sadly, many will repeat that same pattern except they take a deliberate step against it. This is why becoming the High-Value Partner is not a luxury but a necessity.

Don’t just BECOME one, marry someone who has BECOME one.

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