How to feed and grow your love life

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Feed your love life and grow it.


CONFESSION: When I am hungry, I get disgruntled and moody. I noticed this pattern in me and had to repattern myself.


However feeding my body helped me stay nourished and helped my body and mind develop. This is the same for our love life also. It needs feeding as well for it to develop and stay nourished.


Sadly, not everyone has the capacity to feed and grow their love life the way that it needs to be done.


You feed and grow the body with food but what do you feed and and grow your love life with?


  • A Healthy Self Esteem
  • A Happy Soul
  • A Fulfilling Life
  • A Kind, Caring and Giving spirit
  • A positive tongue


You owe it to yourself to develop these before you sign forever with anyone. The marriages that fail do so because these basic things were lacking.


Stop focusing on what to do in in a relationship. Start cultivating the above listed into you. When you are SOUND, you will build a sound marriage.


Don’t make getting married a goal, make staying happily married the focus. It begins with YOU.

Don’t you agree?

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