Pre-Marriage tip for intending couples

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Love has been relegated to the sensation feeling the man and the woman have. It’s beyond that. Love is a decision backed by a commitment to be there for someone no matter what.


When you see love from this angle, you will stop arguing on whether wife should cook, man should get a job and over egos and feminism concepts.


If you love a woman, you should be willing to do everything to provide for her. If you love a man you should be willing to support and help with everything even with cooking and praying.


Stop following the social media crowd. Define what love means to you and how you want to love your partner. If that involves cooking and praying, please do it with all seriousness.


I have a wife and part of loving my babe also involves cooking, washing plates and praying. It’s not an the exclusive job of a woman. This is for both the man and the woman.


How do we cook? How do we pay bills? How do we grow spiritually? How do we get better? What do we avoid? Few of the questions lovers ought to ask themselves before walking down the aisle. If you had asked these questions, you won’t be having these issues.


Get Coaching, Counselling, Training, Empowerment via any means necessary. Go online to read. Information is now everywhere.


CAVEAT: There is a pre-condition to achieving all these with ease. It is to have deliberately groomed yourself as the High-Value Partner.

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