Repattern your life

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Patterns creep on us and make us feel helpless.


Most times we are more like our parents – even in the negatives.


No one can be better than the exposures they have had.


When you are preparing for marriage whether as single or intending couples, one of the most important things you need to identify are your negative patterns.


What have you consistently done that is negative?


What negative results have you always had that can be traced back to one or both of your parents?


What negative habit do you display regularly via the influence of your parent or childhood environment?


If building a great marriage is your vision, it’s expedient that you turn your life into a project. Find the limiting patterns you have consistently displayed and repattern yourself.


Quite a number of people who battle with anger today have their foundation in either their parents or their environment.


Patterns are strong. They can make you repeat the exact mistakes of your parents. However, they are not stronger than your resolve to repattern your life.



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