Are you eligible for marriage?

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In the last few days, I have made it obvious that you can be old enough for marriage and not be eligible for it.

Eligibility has nothing to do with age. It’s not age that makes marriage happy and long-lasting.

Haven’t you seen many who are OLD yet disgruntled in marriage? They were old enough for marriage but not eligible for it.

As an individual looking to be married, see yourself as a world class and excellence driven organization. These companies don’t employ people who are not qualified into their personnel, if they do, they suffer the consequences.

You are re responsible for ’employing’ your wife or husband into your marital future. The type of person you employ will determine the type of marital future you will have.

You can have either of all these:

Disgruntled and unhappy
Broken or Divorced
Happy and Long Lasting

Choose ye this day which one you want.

Let me add this, when world class organizations are looking to hire, they think long term – that’s how you should think as well.

Can he fill the husband role successfully without being a pain in your neck?

Are you qualified to be the wife that ensures daily happiness as well?

It is not the age that qualifies but the personality. The qualified person for that role is the High-Value Partner. This is the type of person that has met all requirements needed for a Happy and Long lasting marriage.



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