Foolishness and Marriage – Hand in Hand

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Are You Ready to be Foolish?

Looking at it from a layman’s view, it was foolishness for David not to have eliminated Saul each time he had the opportunity to in the bible.

He would have made himself King but one thing was sure, history would never have recorded him as a King who never lost a battle.

So, foolishness is good. It helps you build character. It helps you build quality habit. It helps you build patience.

If you are not ready to appear foolish, you are not ready for marriage. You are not ELIGIBLE.

Being the first to say ‘I am Sorry’ can be seen as foolishness especially when you are not in the wrong however what would you have gained if your relationship continues to suffer?

Appearing to be foolish is part of the package as the High-Value Partner. When two partners are ready to appear foolish to one another, what we have is a home customised in heaven.

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