Four confirmed reasons why relationships and marriages break

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If you have ever had a failed relationship or marriage..

If you know someone who has had one..

You will reckon with these…

Every relationship that has ever broken has their foundation in one of these four things:

  1. One or both partners do not have control over their emotions (anger, speech, sleep, food, sex and more)
  2. One or both partners are operating negative patterns inherited from their parents, and their environments – we are all products of patterns but those who want a Happy Love Life must learn to re-pattern themselves.
  3. One or both partners are not assets to the world and to their relationships. Consequently, this person is always looking for someone else to make him or her happy and is also not bringing something valuable to the table or altar of marriage or relationship.
  4. One or both partners have refused to be teachable. They insist on doing things their way and not always going out of their ways to learn what it takes to keep the other person in love with them.

I can beat my chest about this. Most, if not all failed relationships have their root in one or all of these four things.

These four things are the habits, behaviors, and competence that makes one the High-Value Partner. They must become an unconscious part of you; until then, you are at a risk of one of two things:

  1. Failed Relationship/Marriage
  2. 2. Unhappy Relationship/Marriage

This is why I am committed to helping as many people as possible become High-Value Partners. I am on a mission to make Happy Love Lives Common and I hope you join me on August 28 as we start the High-Value Partner Certification Program – a 5 weeks course that is geared to help you become eligible for marriage. Send me a personal message if interested.


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