Help me, I get angry easily: How to Overcome Anger!

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Help me, I get angry easily: How to Overcome Anger!

I am not proud to say this but it’s the truth that haunt me. My mum’s anger was majorly responsible for the failure of her marriage. They had a good thing going for them but the inability to manage their emotions and control their anger resulted in separation and consequently divorce.

I remember as a child a moment of anger where everything in the house was destroyed beyond redemption by one of the party. I knew, even though I was only a boy that the marriage was irreparable. Anger had destroyed a good thing.

If you are a person that is prone to anger and constantly loses control each time you get angry, you should pay attention.

Anger is NOT bad. It is what anger makes you do that either makes it good or bad. Infact, anger can be good if it triggers a positive reaction from you.

Every anger can be traceable to a source. Get the source, deal with the source and your emotional state will return to sane.

In our 5 days week Basic Foundation Class on Anger Management, I help people discover the source of their anger while also helping them gain control over it.

One of the core reasons why you have been unable to control yourself when angry is because you don’t know its source. It is difficult to stop something that you cannot trace its origin!

Where Does Anger Come From?

  • Anger comes from your environment
  • Anger comes from Loss/BreakUp/Lack of Personal Fulfilment
  • Anger comes from low self esteem

When you were born, you knew nothing and understood nothing. You had three abilities:

  1. The ability to see
  2. The ability to feel
  3. The ability to hear

In the formative years of your life, you saw things, felt things and heard things. All of them got registered in your subconscious mind waiting for the day of manifestation. If anger and negative emotional expression has been registered in your subconscious mind; that explains why you get angry now. We delved deeply into this in our online anger management class.

I would like to help you get rid of anger in the September edition of our Foundation Course on Anger Management.

Adebisi participated in the August edition and this is what she said even before the class ended:

“This has been life changing. The first class was the game changer for me. I can confidently say that I know my source of anger and now in control of my emotions. Thank you Coach Legend”

We want you to be able to say the same thing at the end of the program in September 2017.

Details of the course:


5 to 8 Classes + 5 Assignments + 2 Coaching Calls + Certificate from HVPA (High-Value Partner’s Academy).

Where: Secret Facebook Group

Mode: Video and Audio Presentations, Written Texts and coaching calls

Duration: 1 week

When: September 4th to September 10th, 2017

What Do You Need: A mobile phone and data

Your INVESTMENT: N30 000/$78 (However, there is a tiny window of opportunity for you if you make payment between August 17 and August 20. You get to Pay What You Want). We are doing this because we trust in the value that you will get and because we do not want you to have any excuse for not changing your life.

Our Promise: At the end of this one week course, you would have gained mastery over your emotions and overcome anger… if you do all that you are taught.


  • We can only accommodate 10 people each month.
  • If you register after 10 people have registered, you will be shortlisted for the following month.
  • You will get a certificate upon completion of the class and class projects
  • To be part, Call or Whatsapp +2348098163740 for payment details.

Don’t forget that you can Pay Whatever You Want between Thursday, August 17 and Sunday, August 20, 2017.

If you are okay with a messed up emotional life, don’t bother to reach out but if you are tired and ready to gain mastery over your emotions and overcome anger, make the call now – +2348098163740

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