The mother and father within

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The Mother and Father Within You!


Every girl is a mother in waiting. Every boy is a father in training as well. The baton of how to ‘mother’ and ‘father’ has been unconsciously passed down to you. In some rare cases, they were consciously passed down.

You were told explicitly how to be a mother or father but most of the things we were told were not without bias. They told us what will make them (our parents) appear favorable to us.

I like the concept of being a Prince in the Benin Kingdom (Nigeria). The King is not allowed to interact with his son. They are not allowed to see each other until the death of his father. Then, he returns to become King.

The good thing about this is that the Prince gets to be trained without bias and prejudice. He becomes his own man and makes his own decisions while learning from history. He forges his own path.

The ‘mother’ and ‘father’ in us all have been tampered with. We are not forging our own path. We are simply photocopying our parents (with slight adjustments). This is one of the reasons marriages and relationships have become endangered today.

Our operating system is faulty and it is no fault of ours but we can’t complain anymore. Now, that we know. We must take decisive step to uninstall and reinstall faulty and edifying software.

Becoming the High-Value Partner is about identifying areas where you have been tampered with and adjusting them for better living and better marriage.

Are you becoming the High-Value Partner?


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