Old enough but not eligible for marriage

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How do you move from being happy in your marriage to being distraught and sad in marriage? It is all about being eligible for marriage.

How do you enter a marriage believing that ‘This is The One’, only to feel lonely in the marriage?

You have to understand the dynamics that makes relationships and marriages successful. It’s not what you think. It is beyond falling in love and getting married.

You see a fine lady or man and get married believing that you will give each other happiness. However, can a man give what he doesn’t have?

Married Wrong

Few months or years into marriage, you are wondering what you did wrong. I’ll tell you – you married wrong!

Don’t take this the wrong way. Marry wrong? Yes. You got married to a good person not an eligible person. He is good but is he eligible for marriage?

There are so many adults with baby emotions. What do you expect when such ‘babies’ face little pressure in marriage? You can be old enough for marriage and yet be ineligible for marriage. Age has nothing to do with it.

Amazing relationship is NOT about knowing how to kiss or clean the kitchen. Those are icing on the cake. It is mainly about being eligible.

Marriage can be likened to a company that hires competent or incompetent staff. The result is either profit or loss. So when one or two incompetent people marry – the result is either sweetness or sourness.

Becoming competent is becoming eligible and becoming ‘marriageable’. Doing this makes you become the most desirable spouse in the world.

When two ‘marriageable’ people marry, they will rock marriage like there is no tomorrow. They will resolve conflicts easily. Make it a lifetime goal to BECOME. Make it a lifetime goal to marry someone who has BECOME.
Even if you are already married? You both can start now!


What should you BECOME?

Someone who is ‘marriageable’ (eligible) – This is the person we call The High-Value Partner.

So, I ask you again, you are old enough for marriage but are you eligible for marriage?


In our High-Value Partner Certification Program, we have developed four tests that can show your ‘marriageable’ or eligibility status to you. You should make plans to attend the next certification program. For details on this, send a mail to coaching@olatunjilegend.com with the subject “High-Value Partner Certification Program Enquiry”.

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