Pretty face with nothing to offer!

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Pretty face with nothing to offer.

pretty face with nothing to offer

Dear woman, they have told you that life is about packaging and you have heeded the call with correct powder, foundation and make up kit. You can have a pretty face and nothing to offer.

Mr. Man, you are told to dress the way you want to be addressed but there is more they didn’t tell you. You can be tall, dark and handsome with nothing to offer.

However, life is about your content. Who you are. Whom you are becoming and the values contained on your inside.

You are either empty or full but remember that you can also be full of nonsense.

The ability to love, care, think, and hold intellectual conversation is far more higher than the ability to look good. Just like the meat pie in this post, you can be so beautiful externally and be so empty internally.

While you are consciously attending to your exterior, don’t forget that your interior can be far more beneficial. If all you have is a great exterior and an empty interior, it is only a matter of time before your exterior catches up with your interior.

People will soon see you for who you really are. You are not what you wear or how you look. You are what you have become on the inside. You are the values and quality habits you have developed. You are the gentleness that you are capable of. You are your inside.

By taking conscious effort to develop your interior, you become the most desirable person in the world. Grow in wisdom. Grow in character. Develop better habits and become the High-Value Partner.

The High-Value Partner is more concerned about their inner beauty than their exterior one. Would you like to BECOME the High-Value Partner?

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