Who are you becoming?

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Who are you becoming?

who are you becoming

Are you becoming the sweet, kind, gentle, and inspiring spouse or just another person looking for marriage?

In the less than forty years of your life, what have you BECOME? Are you the type of person that can STAY in marriage?

Those who have BECOME High-Value Partners don’t have many worries in marriage. Why? Because they are qualified for their roles!

Looking for the 65 ways to make a marriage work is great but the first rule of making a marriage great is BECOME a person that can implement those principles.

The rate at which people stroll into marriage. You would think that they had it all figured out, only to say No More after a few. Don’t become a wife or husband without becoming a person who can fill that role effectively.

Marriage projects your weaknesses. Have you noticed how you shout at the slightest provocation now? You will multiply that in marriage. That’s why you must BECOME before walking down the aisle.

See how you move from bed to bed each time you feel sad? It’s an indication that your faithfulness in marriage may be far-fetched.

Your weaknesses as a single will multiply in marriage. This is why many cannot handle the marriage pressure. The solution is to become the High-Value Partner!

As a single, you go into your shell and shut everyone out. You will do more in marriage if you don’t become.

Please remember – marriage is not for a man and woman but for those who are qualified for their roles.

Your role as a man in marriage is being a Husband and it takes more than a big stick under and fat pocket to be that. You have a job to do as a husband. It’s a role. You need to meet the requirements to be able to even function. Have you become the High-Value Husband?

Your role as a woman in marriage is being a Wife and it’s more than cooking, washing and attending to the erection of a male specie.

Any man and woman can marry but only the High-Value man and woman can build a Happy and Long Lasting marriage.

When both man and woman understand their roles in marriage, prepare and become qualified for that role, what we will have is a marriage that is nothing short of amazing and inspirational. These types don’t worry about break up and divorce.

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