Just Before You Break-Up That Relationship

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Just Before You Break-Up

“I’m just tired of this relationship. I want out please!!!”

Plenty relationships that were once great will break-up this year. I’m sorry. It’s not a curse, it’s a fact.

Jude and Janet had been dating for 3 years. They were the toast of everyone on campus. Their love seems to be perfect but just when people were hoping to hear them announce a wedding date, their relationship packed up. Jude didn’t care anymore, he still liked her but he didn’t want a relationship with her again. As expected, Janet is still a little bit in love even though she’s trying to pretend she’s not.

Why do perfect relationships break-up? I was also there. Few months to my introduction, I had decided to break-up. I will not have any of it anymore. This has to be the end BUT I had a moment that changed everything. Instead of breaking up with her, I proposed.

You are expecting your relationship to sail without storm but you have forgotten that no matter how long you’ve been with your partner, you will never become the same. Your differences will never leave you. Instead of the constant fight and eventual break-up, you need to learn how to understand yourselves better, communicate better, take responsibility for your relationship together and how you can become best friends for life.


No matter how sweet you package a break-up message or how amicable you try to make it look, there is nothing sweet in telling another that you are no longer interested in them.

You may want to ask me, do we now continue in a relationship that is not worth it, just because we don’t want to break-up? Let me tell you the reasons why you are allowed to break-up, other than these, every other reason may just be an excuse.

  1. Spiritual Direction – If God says to you that you are in a wrong relationship, don’t wait. We need to scold you though. Where was God when you were starting in the first place? By the way, too many people lie with this line a lot.
  2. Emotional Advantage – People who seem to only exploit you and take advantage of you, whether consciously or unconsciously need to be avoided.
  3. Strong Parental Resistance – This one is not even very valid but it depends on the partner involved. Some people would defy their parents while some cannot. This point is dependent on partners involved.
  4. Physical Abuse – Don’t let anybody from wherever ask you to stay. The abuse will be multiplied in marriage, pressed down, shaken together and running over and at that time counseling may not help.

Does this mean you should continue in a wrong relationship? First, don’t ever enter a relationship till you are certain it’s right. Check all the checklists and get your priorities straight from the beginning. Secondly, I believe that any relationship that lasted for two to three years is workable. You probably just needed help with better ways to resolve your differences. The next time you feel like backing out without a justifiable reason, seek counsel instead.


Let me address some Relationships that was heading for the altar but in the course of their journey experience some fatigue. Yes, Fatigue. That’s what your relationship is experiencing. If you have never gotten to that point where you are just tired of the relationship, fatigue hasn’t set in yet but if you have, that’s fatigue. It’s not enough reason for you to break-up.

Fatigue is caused by repeated variations of stress. Check your relationship history, you didn’t just arrive at “I want to break-up”. There have been repeated variations of stress which had accumulated to the point where you don’t want to take it anymore.

If you talk to a medical doctor, they will tell you that fatigue or tiredness is a common problem. Also, it is not a medical issue and it can be reversed. They will also tell you that Activity and Nutrition also help fight fatigue while also inserts much more energy into your everyday life.

Now, based on this new thought, should partners cut short their own Relationship just because of fatigue? Isn’t it better to seek an expert’s counsel on the activity and nutrition needed to fight fatigue and put more energy into their relationship life daily?

The best time to get coached or counselled is not when there is a problem with your relationship but when it is going great, especially when you’ve just started.




Author’s Info

Hey, my name is Gabriel and I’m in the business of making sure you don’t ever have to consider divorce or break up. However, I only like to do this for you before you get married because that’s when I can easily help you uninstall all the negative programming and operating system that is guaranteed to make your love life and marriage a hell hole.

I and my team use a system called E.P.A.T of The High-Value Partner Principle. We get you to become a certain type of person who can build a certain kind of life or marriage.

You can call me coach, expert, author, speaker, trainer or whatever you like. These are roles I fill at different times but they don’t define me.

I am simply a guy who is becoming the High-Value Partner and wants to help you do the same while we make God proud together.

For coaching, training or speaking engagements, send a mail to coaching@olatunjilegend.com



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