Are You Ready for a Happy, Blissful, Peaceful and Godly Relationship? Introducing The High-Value Partner’s Club

There is a problem with John and Jodie and it’s the same problem with your relationship. There are two types of John – the John who is naïve and does not know what it takes to make a relationship work. He gets into a relationship and cannot deal with all the drama Jodie is staging. “What the heck? I didn’t sign up for this. I wanted some peace but this is just the opposite of what I signed up for”. He is not known for playing around, but he doesn’t mind losing that reputation as long as he doesn’t have to continue to put up with Jodie’s behavior. The problem really is not Jodie’s behavior; it is the fact that John has no understanding of a woman and how to relate with her especially when love is now involved. John continues to remember when they were just friends and everything seemed to be perfect.  Now, he just wants out. This is John A.

There is a sharp contrast between John A and John B. John B is a master in the art of break-up. He probably cannot count the number of relationships he’s had. Once there is a problem in a relationship, he moves on to the next one. He doesn’t see himself as a player, he believes that he has not found what he is looking for yet and once he finds it, he will settle there. John B falls in love with Jodie but Jodie does not understand that John B needs her to go the extra-mile for him to acknowledge her as the one. He continues to keep records of Jodie’s behavior; they will serve as the basis for the break-up when the time comes. The last straw that will break the camel’s back shows up and John B says to Jodie, “we cannot marry, I like you but you are not the one for me. Let’s remain friends”. He moves on to the next relationship. This is John B.

I like Jodie. She’s free spirited and there are two types of Jodie too. Jodie wants to be loved and treasured and she meets John B and everything that Jodie does at first was great but in just about 3 to 9 months, Jodie is exhausted. She keeps running after John B but John B is not going to have it any more. His heart is out and Jodie cannot even place where she went wrong or what happened to them. Jodie is naïve; she went into relationship with John B without understanding that he has baggage from his past and whoever will satisfy John B must exceed his expectations and continue to. It’s a lot of work and it is not for the faint hearted.

I love the second Jodie too. She is as free spirited as Jodie A and she has gone through her own emotional issues too in the past. She meets John A who is cool, calm and collected but John A, for lack of experience fails to make a great impression on Jodie B. Jodie continues in the relationship all the same because she is not known to initiate a break-up. John A, who is naïve and without experience is frustrated and he cannot believe that he is the one having this unfulfilling relationship.

John A, John B, Jodie A, and Jodie B do not really have a problem, they just lacked knowledge and the good book says, “My people perish because they lacked knowledge”. Perish is a state of unhappiness and without the right knowledge your relationship will have those moments of unhappiness.

The universal issues that frustrate all these people are rooted in lack of understanding, negative patterns, sex, communication, respect, money, self esteem, and connection.

What if you had a group where you can receive daily support from?

  1. Relationship Expert
  2. Other singles who are going through the same issues
  3. Other partners who have gone through it and have come out better

Jodie would have still been in a relationship today if she had a support group like this. She would have posted an anonymous question (if she didn’t want people to know she’s the one) and she would have received counsels from others and also from a relationship expert.

Jodie would have been receiving daily tips on love and relationships which would have helped shaped her into the woman she needs to become for a successful relationship.

We all need to be part of a group of similar interest where our voices can be heard, where we can be listened to and where we can get quality answers to our challenges. Most relationships end up a casualty because partners enter casually.

The HVP Club

We are launching our community group, The High-Value Partners Club for every single and lovers who desire a Happy, Blissful, Peaceful and Godly love life and marriage. This is your chance to have that support group you have been waiting for.

Why Should You Join The High-Value Partners Club?

The question should be – can you afford to miss the daily knowledge, relationship advice and support group that the club provides? If you have been looking for a revolution in your relationship, this is it.

Free Daily Relationship Messages

Imagine that you were about to send him a text and give him a piece of your mind. The problem is that if you go that route, that relationship is a good as dead. Just before you send the sms, you get relationship tip for the day. The tip showed you how to communicate your anger to your partner in a way that makes him coming back on his knees. Wouldn’t that be cool? One thing I have found out is that, when you hear good things all the time, good things will come to you. This is where you will daily get the tips you need for a successful relationship, tips on getting Mr./Mrs right if you are still single and tips on becoming a High-Value individual and partner.

Support From Other Singles and Partners

Take this scenario: You are brilliant but single and searching. In one of your days in the group, you shared an inspiration that hit you on the group wall and before you know it, you received a Personal message from someone in the group who loved your mind based on what you wrote. One thing led to the other and marriage is already in view. This is one of the dreams I have for this group.

Aside this, you will be able to get support from other members of the group who have similar stories or have gone through similar experiences. We will support each other offline when need be. This is something we all need.

Access to share your thoughts on relationship

Everyone is a star in this group, Mr. Legend won’t have the exclusive right to write and post but you will also have the right to post content that are relevant to the group. You will be able to teach us on relationship and marriage using your story, experiences or lessons.

Get Answers to Questions

This is where it gets interesting. Many people have tried to book my session for an hour but couldn’t because of finance. You will be able to get answers from me and others in the group and when you need a personalized session with me, it will be much easier for you than someone who is not in the group.

Become my friend

In this group I will not just be your coach but your friend. You will know about me in details because you are now a member of my inner caucus. I will also listen to your story and be more than your coach.

Automatic 12 Months Subscription to Relationship Kit-Up Audio Program

My monthly audio subscription program will be made available to you as a bonus if you become a member of this group. Each month I will be delivering a lecture on relationship via audio and you will not have to pay a dime for it like others who are not members of this group. Each audio program is sold for N2500 but you won’t have to pay to get it.

20% Discount on All my Events, Products and Services

For being a member of The High-Value Partner’s Club you will get 30% discount on all products and events in the HVP store. The general public will be paying the full amount while you get amazing discounts.


I shouldn’t have to cajole you to be part of this. The High-Value Partner’s Club will revolutionize your relationship and love life, it will give you the knowledge you need to become the High-Value partner that you need to become. Positive Habits, opinions, behaviors and patterns will be formed. Your partner will be proud of you, the world will be proud of you and God will look down on your love life from heaven and say, “this is my beloved, in his/her love life, I am well pleased”

High Value Partner Banner

I Really Want to Join, What Do I Need to Do?

You will agree with me that the value is enormous and what we charge should reflect this but because I desire that everyone be a part of this, I have decided to break the fees down even though it’s against some of my colleagues’ counsel. With N3000 on a monthly basis, you will have full access to The High-Value Partner’s Club group.

CAVEAT: You have to pay for a one year subscription to gain access – N36 000. This is so because we do not want you to be bothered month-to-month about payment. We just want you to enjoy the resources the club has to offer without the fear of been removed the month you default.

It Gets Interesting.

You don’t have to pay the N36 000 (one year subscription) if you pay on or before the 25th of February. You only get to pay N30 000 but if you pay anytime from that date, you will be paying the full N36 000.

Will you be joining this boat or will you allow yourself to be left behind?


Yes, Mr Legend Sign Me Up for 6 Months Yes Mr. Legend Sign Me Up for One Year

OR for an alternative method, make payment into:

Bank Name: Guarantee Trust Bank (GTB)

Account Number: 0160094454

Account Name: Gabriel Olatunji

Once your payment has been made, send payee’s name and number to 07056634215 and I will personally call you to welcome you into the big league and consequently add you to the online Facebook group.

If you live outside the country and would love to register, send a mail to and you will be furnished with the details on how to make your payment.

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