Hi, I'm Gabriel Olatunji-Legend

Mr. Legend, as fondly called is an expert on how to become a highly valuable partner and how to attract same. He is Nigeria’s Premier Pre-Marriage Coach.

After spending years researching into why humans behave the way they do and the psychology behind a man and a woman’s relationship, Legend has a deep knowledge on how to become a High-Value Partner, get your relationship to the altar and how to have a happy, peaceful, blissful and amazing love life (when you finally get married).

With a vow to marry the first woman he dated but ended up in three ‘official’ relationships that ended in one year, two months and one month respectively, not to talk of the unofficial relationships. All of these knowledge and experience has been packaged into The High-Value Partners Program™ to help partners in a relationship, singles, and the newly married achieve their spoken and unspoken love goals.

Gabriel is a writer and regularly speaks in churches, conferences and seminars delivering tailored content that has helped his audience to achieve amazing love experience. He runs the show from the olatunjilegend.com platform where he has authored tens of articles and videos in this area of influence.

He is also the founder of Ololufemi TV, a monthly online show with focus on empowering partners and singles in getting their relationship to the altar. He is the author of three books and the founder of The High-Value Partners Club; an online community where members are coached for a period of one year towards becoming the ideal spouse, finding the ideal spouse and how to keep happiness in relationship and marriage when they eventually get married.

His works has been featured on different channels that cut across print, online, and electronic media. He hates break-ups and divorce and this is why he prepares intending couples for a blissful marriage. He is happily married to the woman he calls Finest, Mrs Legend.