Fortify yourself against broken and unhappy marriage
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Fortify yourself against broken or unhappy marriage What is your greatest fear? Do you battle with the thoughts of being sad in marriage? Have you ever been raised by broken parents? Are you afraid your marriage won’t last? Have you … Read More

Who are you becoming?
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Who are you becoming? Are you becoming the sweet, kind, gentle, and inspiring spouse or just another person looking for marriage? In the less than forty years of your life, what have you BECOME? Are you the type of person … Read More

The type of person to have a happy and long lasting marriage
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The type of person to have a happy and long lasting marriage Every woman is thinking, how do I be the best woman or wife in the world? Every man is thinking how do I be the best husband or … Read More

Pretty face with nothing to offer!
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Pretty face with nothing to offer. Dear woman, they have told you that life is about packaging and you have heeded the call with correct powder, foundation and make up kit. You can have a pretty face and nothing to … Read More

Old enough but not eligible for marriage
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How do you move from being happy in your marriage to being distraught and sad in marriage? It is all about being eligible for marriage. How do you enter a marriage believing that ‘This is The One’, only to feel … Read More

Help me, I get angry easily: How to Overcome Anger!
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Help me, I get angry easily: How to Overcome Anger! I am not proud to say this but it’s the truth that haunt me. My mum’s anger was majorly responsible for the failure of her marriage. They had a good … Read More

The mother and father within
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The Mother and Father Within You!   Every girl is a mother in waiting. Every boy is a father in training as well. The baton of how to ‘mother’ and ‘father’ has been unconsciously passed down to you. In some … Read More

You and Your Marital Future
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You and your marital future!   For many decades youths have been told that they are the leaders of tomorrow. Since the day you were born you have been groomed for the role of a husband or wife unconsciously. They … Read More

The Missing Love in your relationship
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Have you heard of the man that slapped the woman? You must be conversant with the woman that sex-starved her man? These two once professed love to each other but somewhere along the line, the love went missing. You will … Read More

Foolishness and Marriage – Hand in Hand
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Are You Ready to be Foolish? Looking at it from a layman’s view, it was foolishness for David not to have eliminated Saul each time he had the opportunity to in the bible. He would have made himself King but … Read More

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