The Three Categories of Relationship You May Be Practicing
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Let us start by defining what a relationship should really be. A relationship is a partnership between a man and a woman towards the accomplishment of a goal called marriage. Going by this definition, I dare say to you today that … Read More

The Three Things You Need for Success in Your Love Life
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There are three things you need each time there is a problem in or with your relationship life. They are Clarity, Competence, and Commitment. Let me repeat myself as I have mentioned in some previous posts; most relationships have no … Read More

Marriage is not a destination
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Marriage is not a destination. I saw the headline of a couple’s interview online and it immediately triggered the title of this piece. To avoid controversy, I won’t share the title (I can’t fit fight). The desire to have the … Read More

Selfie and Your Relationship
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All of you that love to take selfie on a per minute basis, get in here, I have important information to share with you. This information will help your relationship succeed and ultimately get you to the altar. You know … Read More

Just Before You Break-Up
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“I’m just tired of this relationship. I want out please!!!” Plenty relationships that were once great will break-up this year. I’m sorry. It’s not a curse, it’s a fact. Jude and Janet had been dating for 3 years. They were … Read More

Becoming a High-Value Partner, Getting Your Relationship to the Altar
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It doesn’t take me this long for me to figure out what to write but today it did. You want to know why? Because I couldn’t shake off my recent discovery about the new average life span of marriages. This … Read More

The average lifespan of a marriage now is 3 – 7 years. True or False?
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The average lifespan of a marriage now is 3 – 7 years, and mostly after 2 or 3 kids. This research was carried out on 14 marriages by my friend (I’ll love to mention her name but she hasn’t given … Read More

Relationship Lessons from my Father
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If you have been following me on all my social media platforms, you would have seen my posts about my father before now. He was a great man but he didn’t get it right in the area of marriage, at … Read More

The icing and the Cake
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After tens of personal consultation and coaching with singles who want to have amazing relationships, experience true love and those who want to be able to get their relationships to the altar, it has become evidently clear that most singles … Read More

How to Know He is the Right Man
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Many have written on this topic but many still keep making the mistake of assuming a wrong guy may be the right guy. It is my desire that when you are done with this class you will be certain in your … Read More

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