Gain Clarity, Get Understanding, Get Started Now

Would you want to speak to a coach about the challenges in your relationship,

love life, emotional issues, marital status, or simply to get some direction on

how to become a High-Value Partner?


I created Ask Mr. Legend Sessions for you!

I know that sometimes Relationships does not turn out the way we expect.

You are succeeding in other areas of your life but your love life is in shambles.

You have been trying to apply different ideas on the issues at hand but you are

not getting the result you want.

You want to love and be loved but this keeps eluding you.

You will do anything to have peace and happiness in your relationship.

You keep breaking-up with partners when all you want is a lifelong and fulfilling marriage.


The issues in Relationships vary for different people. Maybe for you, it’s inexperience and

you are just about starting.


For some others, they are seriously searching for a committed partner and they do not know how to go about it.


You have done all you know how to do but you still haven’t found what you are looking for.


This is what you need, you need to relax and talk to someone who understands relationship and

can help you get your relationship to the altar. It’s best if you do it before you start but it’s not too

late to do it after you have started. You need someone to discuss your issues with — someone who

will help you gain clarity (understand the issues), provide strategic advice, and help you take needed action.


I’ve helped singles and partners through my writing, coaching and counselling to enjoy a Happy,

Peaceful, Godly and Blissful Relationship Experience. You can have the same experience in your relationship.


Schedule a ASK MR. LEGEND Session

Have a solution to the issues that makes you sad in 45 Minutes by Asking me.


You should schedule a session if …

  • You desire peace, happiness, bliss and Godliness in your relationship and marriage
  • Your relationship experience have gone from good to bad
  • You keep having relationship breaking-up even though you are not playing around
  • You have problems with understanding your partner or the opposite sex in general
  • You suffer from low self esteem and you need help with that
  • You lack a partner and you are looking for ways to attract the right partner


 Who is this for?

  • Partners who are heading to the altar
  • Singles who are eligible to marry
  • Singles searching for love

Topics can include: how to master your communication, should I break-up?, how to avoid break-up,

getting your relationship to the altar, becoming a High-Value individual, how to know if he/she is right for me,

and how you can have a happy, peaceful, blissful and Godly love life.


 What is included?

    • 45 minutes one-on-one coaching call
    • Review of the issues prior to our session
    • Straightaway Coaching on the issue
    • Solutions will be customized to your peculiar issue
    • Get Answer to every question you ask and need clarity on
    • Actions Points will be itemized for implementation


    How does this work?

    Simply request a session using the form below.

    I’ll confirm your preferred date and send you a payment request.

    We will immediately go on Skype or phone at the schedule time. I will dive right in

    by sharing simple strategies for success in your relationship. Afterwards, I’ll take

    questions peculiar to your relationship and tackle them heads on.


    It will be best if we have our Ask. Mr. Legend  session via Skype so that the call can be

    recorded and you’ll have enough time and free hand to write and itemize solutions from the session.


    Please be aware that each session of Ask Mr. Legend requires some financial investment

    on your part. Never mind, you can apply to be part of the 10 people that get to pay what

    they want every month. If the slots are filled up, you’ll have to pay my full consultation

    charge or you book early for the next month. An hour consultation fee is N30 000. 


    Gain Clarity, and Understanding in 45 minutes

    Pick My Brain – Schedule a Consultation